Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Response to Activism

Other than introductions, I don't want to comment on this post. I received an e-mail from a friend, and brother in the Lord a few days ago and I thought that both it's content and intent were worth your reading.

Bethel University, on April 18, will be the site of another skirmish in the battle with evil principalities and powers, as a radical, pro-homosexual group is going on their campus to confront Bethel's stance against homosexuality.

I just caught part of a 2-hour radio call in program called Olive Tree Ministries, on KKMS. She was interviewing a prof/administrator from Bethel, as well as a former homosexual who now speaks on behalf of the Biblical approach to winning them to Christ. The administrator took the school's position: this can be a learning experience in how to face this huge issue in our culture. The ex-homosexual took the opposite position: this is poison, that Bethel ought not allow them to use their facilities as a platform for their agenda.

I'd very highly recommend that you check out http://www.olivetreeviews.org/ and go Radio Show, to listen to the program. I understand they have CDs available of today's broadcast.

While I strongly disagree with Bethel for allowing this to transpire, I believe that as observers we can and must learn from the event. The ex-homosexual guest made reference to the anti-Christian venom of this activist group, their hand-in-glove workings with the ACLU, their confrontational methodology, their intent to film the encounter, their acumen for manipulating the media, their unabashed effort to recruit footsoldiers to promote sodomy on campuses, and their ultimate goal to induce a sea change of public opinion in America on this issue. Indeed, Bethel is duly warned!

One of my concerns is that as fundamentalists we are prone to allow this maelstrom to wreak its havoc around us, but be oblivious to it in our busy schedules. We tend to not realize the impact these things have.

Indeed, this issue is front and center in our culture. This is one approach that some believers have chosen to address it. I believe their approach is misguided and will do great harm. But to prudishly ignore the issue because it is so smutty, offensive, disgusting, or whatever, may well do just as much harm.

What do I believe is the right approach? New Testament times, outside Jewish society, were awash in sodomy. Thus the Scriptures are far from silent. 1 Corinthians 6:9-20 is a powerhouse of transformative truth. It is essential in today's sex-obsessed society that we challenge assumptions and insist on the Bible's truth: Jesus Christ changes people when He becomes their Lord. As for unbelievers, it is regrettable to see them ensnared and enslaved by lust, but only the Savior can liberate them.

Would you consider joining me in fasting and praying on April 18? I'm going to pray that God's glory would take on special polish. That the activists would experience countless logistical, technical, interpersonal and health snafus. That their hardened hearts would be busted wide open by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. That Bethel students and employees would be innoculated against sodomy instead of induced into it. That our country would be awakened in a massive spiritual revival. And that if in God's sovereign wisdom He allows human rebellion to continue to increase its exponential expansion, that He would purge and judge the United States of America with such a frightful demonstration of His righteous justice that each and every observing person, demon and angel would tremble at the searing Holiness on High.

In short, cling to Jesus! je

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EJ said...

I heard this program live, and I agree with je that this initiative or statement by Equality Ride is nothing short of poison. I applaud North Central University (an AOG school in the cities) for refusing to let this farse on campus, where Bethel (a school now loosely affiliated with Baptist churches) has allowed it. My only comment on this post is that I don't know if I can pray for "health snafus", but I can and will pray that their technical and logistical planning will be confused. But more imporatantly, I will pray that God would soften the hearts of those involved in this evil as well as those who may be influenced by it to truly repent of their sin and trust in Christ.

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