Friday, October 27, 2006

Will the real Emir Caner please stand up

Which picture is Emir?

One of these pictures is of Emir Caner, and the other one is of Stephen Root (an actor). Sometimes Leno, Letterman, O'Brien, or others put the faces of famous people next to others for comic value. The most notable instance (that I can remember) is when Conan O'Brien put his own picture next to a female political candidate in Norway (I think). Aparently this generated such a huge fan base in Norway. Also, it didn't hurt his publicity when they ran political commercials for the candidate and based the only reason for voting for her on her facial likeness to Conan. It was a pretty funny bit.

Anyway, there is no real deep or meaningful purpose to this particular post (if you can't tell already), but when I was tracking the non-debate (Caner + Caner vs. White + Ascol) and I saw the picture of Emir Caner I just couldn't stop seeing Stephen Root and specifically his character as "Jimmy James" from the comedy "News Radio". So, in my mind I was imagining the debate with Stephen Root sitting in next to Ergun Caner in Emir’s place...and it made it all very, very humorous.

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