Monday, December 10, 2007

Noah Turns Two…wow, how time flies

I still almost can’t believe that Noah turned two years old on Sunday. It has been a whirlwind over the past two years, and I’m not even counting the craziness that his older brother and younger sister have added to the mix. I understand it from reliable sources (namely my mother) as well as my own distinct way of seeing things that Noah is a little me. Not just genetically, but temperamentally. I would throw in the “weird” factor as well because I was a strange boy (I still kind of am) and I see the glimmers of the same type of “marching to a different drummer…who’s in a different band…in a different city…living in a different realm of reality” mentality that I hear about from my relatives in reference to me as well as what I have seen on old home movies. All of that makes no difference – positive or negative – to the amount of love that I have for this little (and strange) boy.

Noah -

You truly light up my heart with joy when you come barreling into me and squeeze my leg as hard as you can. It makes me so happy when you have had a hard day and you ask me to “nugga” (snuggle) for a bit when it is bed time. Your craziness is so fun and contagious that it seems to me that as much as you copy your older brother in doing things, he takes some cues from you in zany, and sometimes dangerous, things.

Dear God,

I pray that Noah would grow up healthy and strong and have a long and fruitful life. I pray that Stephanie and I would train him well and that we would be blessed with the ability to communicate the message of the cross to our son so that, God willing, he would repent and place his faith in Christ at a young age. I pray that You would grant him grace, faith, repentance, understanding, wisdom, and patience that he will develop throughout his life. Thank you again for the blessing that Noah is.


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