Friday, March 17, 2006

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If I were to sum up the reasons why I hold to and affirm the position that the role preaching and teaching to adult men (or a mixed group of men and women) is for qualified men only and not women, I would say this:
  1. The biblical passages where the qualifications for teachers/elders are listed are explicitly male. Paul was not confused about this, he was being intentional about what he said
  2. The order (in 1 Timothy 2) is primarily rooted in creation - before the fall or redemption
People who disagree with this position will raise the fact that the text also says that Christians should raise hands in prayer, women should not wear their hair in braids or wear gold or pearls or nice clothing too. The reason why these are not rules for modern women to follow, but the teaching rule is, is simple. Paul makes a distinction between his comments about the way a woman should look and the fact that women should not teach or exercise authority over men. Paul contrasts and compares the clothing (braided hair, gold, pearls, costly garments) with the concept of discretion and modesty.

So, where as the clothing issue for women is related to modesty, the teaching issue is related to creation. That is why one is more of a subjective standard, and the other is a completely objective standard.

Since this is the final segment of this topic (for now, at least), I have debated whether or not to share the paper that I have been reading. I didn't want to point out the church that published this paper, but I also don't want people to think that I am not being fair to their arguments. Read it for yourself, if you want to. You can click here to read the entire 21 page document affirming a woman's right to teach/preach that sparked this whole issue.


sj said...

You have done a very thorough job of defining the qualifications of ministry roles. I like your clarity of thought in relation to women and modesty and then women and teaching over men. Hmm, all of a sudden, I am not speaking so clearly...All that to say, this has been a good series of posts to read through and think about. Of course, I have come into each of them agreeing with the fact that women are not to exercise authority over men, but to those who may not agree with that Biblical truth, I'm sure that these entries were thought-provoking!
Good Job!

Nate J. said...

I guess I should pull Lisa off of our guest speaker list at church for when pastor is gone. She had such a good outline too!

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