Monday, March 27, 2006

where retching stops and sorrow begins

I have to stop flipping through the channels....

So as I was flipping through the channels last night, I paused (literally for 5 seconds) on each channel to see what was on. The problem is that TBN is one of these channels that I get free with my regular ol' antenna. Here is what I saw and heard.

The scene: It was a typical promotion for any type of product or publication (both on religious TV and regular TV) and it had a telephone number to call, the price, the name of the book, etc. I can't even remember exactly what the name of the book or product that was being sold was, and you will understand why after I tell you what was said. But basically, there was nothing to "stand out" in my mind about what I saw.

The selling line: I didn't hear the whole commercial or presentation by the host, but here was the final tag line that was attempting to have people buy this book.

"Remember, you are so valuable
that it took the blood of Jesus to purchase you."

My reaction: (gasp)...(bewildered looking at my wife)...(gasp)

What? Did I hear that right? Did he just say that the reason that Jesus had to die on the cross was because I am so valuable? Really? Talk about missing the truth by a light year.

It wasn't because of our value that the Son of God shed His blood and gave up His life and rose again. We are valuable only because the Son of God shed His blood and gave up His life and rose again. Do you see the huge mega-whopping difference?

I could say tons more, but it would boil down to one main thought. We need to be so clear about who we are in relation to God. The Bible shows us that we are not worthy of Christ or His sacrifice - that is why grace is called grace. If I was worthy of it or deserved it, it would not be grace. (2 Cor 5:21; 1 peter 2:24) The reason He died to pay the price that I deserve to pay was because of my wretchedness.

Ultimately, only God is valuable. Because of this, we are only valuable if we are found in Christ.

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Nate J. said...

True! We are not valuable to God based on anything we have done.

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