Thursday, May 18, 2006

da Vinci overload

So, I have not really posted anything related to the event of the summer, but I want to say something about it now. "The da Vinci Code" presents many different not-so veiled attacks on the Christian faith, the Bible, and on Christ Himself. That being true, I have not been as energized as many Christian "leaders" have been. There seem to be two main themes that people have when writing books, producing DVD's, or speaking out about this new movie:

  1. They are trying to inform you of the issues so that you can converse with people about the issues raised in the book and movie with the goal of evangelism.
  2. There is a general "fear" that many Christians will be led astray or swayed by the ideas brought forth in this film.
I think that the initial goal is a good and noble one, and Christians should be aware of how popular culture is assaulting our faith. I almost choke when I hear the second sentiment, though. My cynicism is not aimed at the fact that pop culture does have adverse effects on and causes more difficulties for Christians, but it is aimed at the broad and flippant use of the term “Christian” to apply to people holding any number of ideas about Christ.

I don't think that Christians, true born-again Christians, will be blown away by reading the novel or by watching this silly movie. Some questions may be raised, and there may be some serious concerns that have to be addressed, but I don't believe that any true Christian will lose his or her faith because of it.

The problem is that being considered a Christian, or using that word to loosely affiliate oneself with a particular portion of a society is so cliché and it carries too little weight. There is no necessary affiliation with an institution or system of beliefs nor a creed that one confesses or holds to as a better basis on which to define Christians and separate us from any other pagan religion or cult. This “wishy-washy” definition of Christianity is the standard because so much of “practicing” Christians don’t have a clue as to what the true gospel is and therefore cannot be saved, and many church leaders and clergy do not make the true biblical gospel the main message from their pulpits and motivation for their ministries.

"The da Vinci Code" is a blasphemous and offensive and should be seen as an assault by popular culture to defame the Name and Person of Christ. The fact that Christ is attacked and the fact that we Christians, as His body, are also attacked and maligned should come as no surprise because the Bible promises us that we will experience trials and tribulations throughout this life (read 1st Peter).

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