Monday, May 22, 2006

my summer mountain

One of the major burdens that I have for the church (my local church as well as the universal church) is concern for the lack of the depth of biblical knowledge by professing Christians. This concern and burden is what has motivated the direction of this blog (hopefully that comes as no surprise to regular readers). Early this year, I began bringing this concern to the leadership of our church in the form of my desire to have a Sunday school curriculum that goes over the main and undisputable doctrines of our faith in some depth.

Much to my surprise and excitement, the pastor and deacons have decided to go ahead with this idea in the summer. Actually, it is better than what I had hoped and lobbied for. I originally wanted to have 1 major doctrine covered each week over the course of the 12 weeks of summer, but the decision was made to cover 1 doctrine in a 4 week period, so that we would get through 3 this summer. Not only is this better, but once I really thought more about this, I found out that there is absolutely no way to cover any of the doctrines in any fair way in one week, and it is actually going to be really tough to smash the necessary information into 4 weeks (40 minute sessions each week).

Now, here is my mountain:

My pastor and the deacons have asked me to teach one of these 4 week sessions. I am excited at this opportunity as well as a little nervous. I will be teaching Christology (the theology and doctrine of Christ). Not that any of the other doctrines that I could cover (salvation, God the Father, the Holy Spirit, Sin, Man, etc.) would be less important or more important than the doctrine of Christ, but it seems to me that the Bible’s primary focus from beginning to end is to tell mankind of our state before an almighty God (sinful and deserving of destruction) and the glorious and gracious plan of God to bring us back into a right relationship with Him. This plan of salvation is only accomplished through the person of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is a huge task and it will be a large challenge for me to do this and be thorough, precise, and concise. Any prayer that you will submit on my behalf and on behalf of the faithful study and communication of the Word will be greatly coveted.

What that means for the blog:

My goal is to continue writing frequently as I have been doing this year (May has been a “hiccup” in the amount of material that I look at for pretty dumb reasons, so don’t ask), and I hope write articles about peripheral issues that I may not be able to cover in depth during any of my 4 week sessions on Christology. I hope to make this a bigger resource for the church body as a whole while tackling this amazingly glorious and wonderful study on Christ.

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