Friday, July 14, 2006

theological candy

Now, I don’t normally take quizzes or take part in many online forums, but I was checking out a couple of blogs that came across my radar recently and I found a quiz that asks about 30 questions and attempts to zero in on where the quiz taker is coming from pertaining to theology. Well, it shouldn’t surprise you that I was intrigued, and I took it straight away.

As anything online, or anywhere for that matter, the quiz was not perfect and it had some interesting questions. The most confusing thing for me was that each question had 6 possible radio buttons to select from in order to answer the question. They ranged from disagree (way on the left) to agree (way on the right) but there were no specific gradations in the answers like “somewhat agree” or “n/a” or whatever. Nonetheless, the questions were quite good, the answers will show if you are an Arminian or Calvanist, or if you believe in any kind of works righteousness. Basically, it was fun.

You scored as Martin Luther.
The daddy of the Reformation.
You are opposed to any Catholic
ideas of works-salvation and see
the scriptures as being primarily

Martin Luther


Karl Barth


John Calvin


Jonathan Edwards




Friedrich Schleiermacher


Paul Tillich




Charles Finney




Which theologian are you?
created with

Final note: I call it theological candy because it "tastes good" and it may be fun, but it's not worth much more than a mouth full of holes and a stomach in need of real food, and we should not look for theological validation from a web survey...obvious, I know, but I had to say it.


The Cool Bringer said...

I got:
Paul Tillich.
Paul Tillich sought to express Christian truth in an existentialist way. Our primary problem is alienation from the ground of our being, so that our life is meaningless. Great for psychotherapy, but no longer very influential.

Anonymous said...

You scored as John Calvin. Much of what is now called Calvinism had more to do with his followers than Calvin himself, and so you may or may not be committed to TULIP, though God's sovereignty is all important.

John Calvin 93%
Karl Barth 93%
Martin Luther 87%
Jonathan Edwards 73%
J?Moltmann 67%
Anselm 53%
Augustine 47%
Charles Finney 40%
Paul Tillich 33%
Friedrich Schleiermacher 33%

St. Michael the Archangel said...

I haven't taken this test... I don't think I would do "well", since this is a protestant test. In all honesty I don't feel that half of those people on the list cannot be defined as theologians, for theologians seek truth, not twist it.

The Test that I enjoyed taking was... "which Pope are you". That falls better in my category.

Pax Christi

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