Thursday, December 21, 2006

Quote of the Day (10/21/06)

Pertaining to the subject of apologetics and debating over various doctrinal issues, John Piper said the following:

“Try to understand another person's view before you criticize it. The rule that Dr. Fuller used to teach us back in seminary was that if you can't restate a person's view to their own satisfaction, so that they hear that you've got it, then you're probably not ready to criticize it publicly. And so I think to try to restate the view, let's say on baptism - I'm a Baptist, and so I don't baptize babies, but – I don’t want to taunt a person who believes in infant baptism by somehow charactering what they’re doing. I want to be able to re-say it, and I think I can, and I try to re-say the argument for infant baptism that is the best argument for it, and then show why, over the years of my interaction with folks, I have not been compelled by it.”1

1 This was transcribed from Piper's commentary before the Desiring God radio broadcast of “United with Christ in Death and Life, Part 2a” on 10/9/06.

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