Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Deceitful Heart and Salvation

“I ask them, ‘How do [professing Christians] know that they’re saved?’ Well because they believe! How do you know that you believe? ‘Well I know in my heart of hearts that I am saved.’ The bible says that the heart is deceitfully wicked, Do you really want to trust a heart that can be wicked? Examine yourself. Take the Word of God, and what the Word of God says about a true Christian, and if you fall short of the test, repent. One of the greatest evidences that a person is truly a child of God is that they will be sensitive to the sin in their life. And they will be led to repentance and confession of that sin. If you don’t have a new relationship with sin, you don’t have a new relationship with God.”

The greatest evidence that you’re a Christian is the fact that, right now, you’re in the Word and God’s pointing out to you your sin. We have assurance that we have come to know Him, not just because one time we repented, but we are continuing to repent today. And it is not just that at one time we believed, but that we are continuing to believe today. And it is not just that at one time we walked with Him, we continue to walk with Him today." - Paul Washer

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