Friday, September 08, 2006

Compromising the Gospel

I know that I am way behind on getting involved in the "you tube" phenomenon, but...oh well. I thought that the video clip below was a good articulation of the gospel and specifically regarding the exclusiveness of it.

I think that this shows the danger of being at all squishy in our theology or even in how we express our theology. We dare not ever proclaim a gospel that is only true "for me" or that is "my path" and not make the declaration that all men need to repent and believe in Christ. I also think that the pointed scriptural questions that John MacArthur asks as a rebuttal of the statements of a non-exclusive God is clarifying. The first response back is to ask about the faith of a genuine Jew, and if what MacArthur is saying (he is expressing what the Bible clearly teaches), then the Jew is on the wrong path. EXACTLY! That is why we need to evangelize everyone.


St. Michael the Archangel said...

Where is the Christian unity? What is the strongest way to bring new souls into the Christian realm? I believe that if you live a Christian life, and people see that, they will be attracted to the light, and will join you, if you are truly living as you preach. That Methodist Preacher has his own way of trying to convert and for that, he should not be bashed. Just think about this for a second... Think about the hermits in the bible, the first Monks, did they go out and yell fire and brimstone and try to convert every soul they met? NO! They worked out their salvation in the wild, they preached to people that came to listen to them... do you see where I am going with this, they were like magnets and that is what attracted all those people... Jesus in a way did the same thing.. instead of knocking on doors and trying to convert people, he healed and the people followed, think of the miracle of the loaves and fishes, the people followed him there on their own free will.

Now, should we evangelize? yes, I think we should. In Our church we have an orginization aimed at just that, it is called the Legion of Mary... EJ, I know you will get special pleasure when you get a chance to bash on this group, but what they do is pray and then every member spends 4 hours a week evangelizing. They go from house to house and ask if there are any former Catholics... you would be surprised just how many there really are out there! And some of the people they encounter of Methodists, fundy prots, ect... heck my mom even met a wiccan, who was very nice.. and they talked for 2 hours.

My point is, everyone is called to their own way of evangelizing and spreading the truth of Christ, just because that Bishop didn't do what you do, that doesn't make him wrong. Your way of evangelizing, is I am sure you talk to the youth, on the streets where you live, and most of all on your blog. I leave you with this, don't be bothered with the splinter in someone elses eye, while you have the beam in your own.

Pax Christi,

St. Michael the Archangel said...
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