Monday, September 18, 2006

Sunday School Lessons & Blog Update!!!!!

Recently I purchased an iPod – so now I can be like every other suburban yuppie, student, vagabond, and jogging fanatic – primarily so that I could listen to the various ministry related programs that I thoroughly enjoy (the same ones that are listed on the sidebar under “great preaching”). However, since I sit in-front of a computer for my job, I could fairly easily listen to these same programs using my computer’s media player, it would be difficult to justify the expense of a spendy little toy. So, fortunately I have had another idea and plan in mind that I have been thinking about for almost 1 year to make better use of an iPod if I were to get it. A friend of mine, who had an iPod, showed me his iTalk adapter. Basically, it turns the iPod into a Dictaphone when this adapter is connected. I was so excited because I knew that there could be many uses for that.

Well, to make a long story short (or a short story long, I’m not sure which one it is, anymore); I had to wait for a while because the current iPods weren’t compatible with this same accessory. But once I could buy both, I did.

So what?

Well, I have always had the idea that I wanted to make this blog a virtual online mirror (in many ways) of the Sunday school class that I teach. I have done this by trying to post thoughts and comments about the texts that we are studying as well as thoughts and meditations on other subjects that I read and deal with during the week. So, I thought that a good idea would be to record the lessons from our weekly class and upload them.
You can see a link to the available lessons on the sidebar under “Contender Sunday School Lessons” and I will update this link list whenever new lessons are available.

I also am trying to develop a good way to have the basic outline (that I would hand out in class) available to view. I can’t decide if it would be better to have all of the blanks filled in or to have an interactive word document that will let you fill in the answers as you go. (you can give me feedback on what you think is best)

The first lesson available is called “Christology 099”. Basically, I was asked to do an overview of Christology during the month of July (4 weeks), and since I didn’t have a snazzy title for it, I just decided to give it a title that would be fitting – Christology at a less than collegiate level.

I will be updating (soon I hope) with my lesson from yesterday where we are beginning to review Titus 1:1 – 2:10 (which we covered last school year) so that we can go the rest of the way through Titus. Enjoy the resource!

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