Thursday, September 21, 2006

Justification by Faith - John MacArthur Vid.

John MacArthur articulates the doctrine of imputation relating to the believer's justification in 45 seconds.

Praise god that I am forgiven and that God has granted me eternal life based upon the life, death, and resurrection of His Beloved Son!


Anonymous said...

MacArthur is God! I just love his one faith and his awesome Godly words of wisdom. Now there are 4 persons in God... God the Father, Jesus Christ the son, the Holy spirit ..... and Mac Arthur the theologian we all dream of being!

EJ said...

Hey Mr., Mrs., or Ms. Anonymous - you commented on the wrong post. Your comment should have gone on blasphemy or not blasphemy? That is the question. The flippant way that you were referring to the Godhead (not to mention the acrid sarcasm of adding another person to it) is blasphemy. I think that it is very good that you at least had the guts to attach your own name to the comment. No worries, God will cause judge every thought, word, and deed...and this one is no exception.

If you have probelms with John MacArthur, his theology, or his boldness you can address the issue in many ways that would be appropriate and just. But this was not one of them.

Even though my Catholic friends and I disagree on many of the different things that are discussed on here, and I find that some of the doctrines of the CC are offensive and possibly blasphemous (and visa versa), they are not intentionally lowering the name of God in flippant remarks.

Sarcasm is appropriate in some cases. But sarcasm when referring to the nature of God in the way that you did is inexcuseable. You must repent of your sins and trust in Christ alone as your savior, otherwise you have shown by your comments that you are a child of the devil.

May God grant you the grace of salvation.

doc said...

Previously Anon: Not the same one who commented on this blog post.

Though I have said this before, I must say it again, elevating someone to the Godhead--John MacArthur seemingly sarcastically in this post--is blasphemy. This is no different than elevating Mary to the Godhead or the Pope for that matter. Lifting any man up to the position of God is among many detestable things in God's sight.
As an aside. If any person has trouble with the Bible alone as final authority speaks volumes as to the conviction that that person is feeling from the Holy Spirit. I am not here to defend any religion--man-made institutions. I am here to defend the infallible word of God that is complete and able to be understood by those who have ears. May God soften the hearts of those who deny grace alone through faith alone.

St. Michael the Archangel said...
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Danny Garland Jr. said...

Hey Doc,
just so you know, we don't elevate MAry or the Pope to the level of God. Or anyone else for that matter. You might want to find out what Catholics really believe before spouting off lies.
God Bless,

Jeff said...

Hey Danny,

Although it is quite true that many Catholics do put Mary or the Pope first in thought, Doc did not state that in the comment above. Doc simply stated that placing MacArthur to the level of God would be the same as placing Mary or the Pope at the level of God. You don't agree with that? Be careful before saying someone is spouting lies. That's a serious charge. You should carefully read Doc's post again.

Danny Garland Jr. said...

Hey Jeff,
You should carefully read Doc's argument and see that he is insinuating that Catholics place MAru and the Pope on the level of God.

Maybe Jeff,
If you weren't so anti-Catholic you would see that. Also if you weren't so anti-Catholic you would see the Truth.
Until, that happens I will not respond to your absurd comments any longer.

Nate J. said...

Hey all,

I think the real issue here is "what does the Bible really teach?" It's not an issue of Catholics vs Protestants (although the two do believe quite differently). It's simply an issue of whether or not we are going to take the Bible for what it says and interpret it correctly in light of the historical, grammatical, contextual, issues. We should also take into account our own presuppositions (because we all have them). Let's not allow our pride or traditions get in the way of how we interpret what the Bible says about the doctrine of Salvation. Your (and my) eternal soul is at stake so we must get it right! I think that is what Eric is really trying to accomplish in his blog. If I am wrong in the way I view a certain area of Scripture, I pray that God will show me the truth of His Word and that he will soften my pride-filled heart to be conformed the truth. What's more important? - my pride and personal reputation or the salvation of my soul and conformity to Scripture?
God bless,
I have enjoyed reading some of these interactions.

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